" F O L L O W  Y O U R  P A S S I O N  A N D  S U C C E S S  W I L L  F O L L O W  Y O U "  -  A R T H U R  B U D D H O L D

There is something about leaving your home and living in different countries that forces you to open your eyes to the world around you. Experiencing different cultures awakened me to the smallest, varying details of everyday life. This eye for detail drove me to follow my passion for design.

I strive for the beauty in those details and do not believe in perfection, but rather in how imperfection and abstraction can combine to create something beautiful. I am strongly passionate about aesthetics and its harmonious relationship with function for the enjoyment of the individual. I aspire to create a sense of simple sophistication within my work that evokes an emotional appeal. 

This philosophy became the foundation for my work. My experience encompasses cosmetics design, visual merchandising, packaging design, tabletop design, exhibition design, point of sale design, furniture design, graphic design, branding, and marketing. In addition, I have a profound understanding of people, which drives me to use empathy and communication as strong foundations for my day-to-day relationships. I have recently gained experience in HR, which combined with my creative skills, has led me to position myself in the people management and business worlds.


Through design thinking, and in within the different areas of my work, I explore different ways of solving a problem in order to find the most compelling and beautiful solution. I consider attention to detail as one of my most treasured skills, resulting in a final solution that is careful, helpful and inspiring.

- GP




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