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I'm Glori.

Glori is a branding nerd with a passion for art and design (and dancing). She originally studied Industrial Design and graduated from Pratt Institute in New York, back in 2017. Her journey has brought her to work in different areas of design such as Graphic Design and Branding, Retail Design, and Product Design. She worked as a Product Designer at Barrows in New York and as a Design Professor at Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica. Glori has also freelanced as a Product and Brand Designer for different design firms in Costa Rica. After joining McKinsey & Company, she decided to begin her graduate studies at EU Business School in Munich, where she completed an MBA in Design Management in 2021.

Glori was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica. She has also lived in Colombia and El Salvador, aside from New York and Germany. Experiencing different cultures sparked her dedicated passion for design, as she was exposed to the beautiful varying details of everyday life amongst various cultures.

In addition to her work, Glori enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle. She loves to exercise, dance, cook, and try out as many culinary experiences as possible. She likes reading and is curious about the topic of women in design leadership. You can always find Glori at the gym, a coffee shop, or simply enjoying time and designing in her apartment.

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